Error 114 Description

There are two main Error types name Error 114: GameGuard Error 114 and System Error 114.

GameGuard Error 114 Definition: GameGuard does not start correctly

Most online games, especially Massively multiplayer online games have a third party security server to protect the client (the gamer) from hostile breaches and malwares that ran across the net. GameGuard by nProtect is one of the largest and most commonly used security solutions for MMO games.

GameaGaurd Error 144 is related to several elements but in general and most common case is that another program, a running agent or some Windows services are colliding with GameGurd DLL files. The best way to deal with this problem is to organize Windows services, clean unused registry keys from Windows registry that can interfere with GameGuard operation and optimize system settings so that no collision can occur between two running applications.

This web site provides you such a tool to fix Game Guard Error 114 and prevent applications collisions.

System Error 114 Definition: The file pointer cannot be set on the specified device or file.

When Windows does an action it launches a command, an internal command. If the command for some reason is incorrect or the target files which the command refers to is damaged or can be located, Error 114 shows up.

The solution is to repair the specific file or to correct the inner command syntax. Obviously it is almost impossible to locate manually the specific file or the command in question. This is why we provide you the perfect tool to deep scan your system and repair any damaged file and fix System Error 114.

Error 114 Causes

GameGuard Error 114 Causes:

Nothing can be more annoying when you are anxious to play your favorite game and you can't launch it because of an error. Non optimized system settings and collisions with other programs can cause Error 114 in GameGuard. To fix Error 114 you'll have to follow 3 simple steps: download Error 114 repair tool, perform a deep scan to your system, Fix Error 114.

System Error 114 Causes:

You may recieve the above error while using your computer. Errors like the above could be from several different pc problems. Prevent this error from slowing down your pc and let you continue to use your pc without further disruptions with one of the recommended scans below.

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Fix Error 114

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